the shittiest thing about that is that they posted it on their main blog (i saw it on statcounter) and i didn’t reply but then they posted it again on a sideblog so i could see it in my notifications

like? please be careful about tumblr user ashlottes (otherwise known as bwd) they’re one of gaens apologists and are more known for triggering and threatening people and saying really fucked up things. just be wary.

I posted it privately on my main blog to review it. I’m not some evil villain doing whatever i can to trigger you. You seriously need to get over yourself.

 And I didn’t make a sideblog to force you to interact with me. I made a sideblog to keep this shit off of my main blog. And it’s the same 3-letter url I used before. It’s also literally impossible for me to force you to interact with me over the internet.

Also, I have never once intended to trigger or scare anyone on tumblr.

ALSO, Libel and slander is slightly more illegal than asking people for sex over the internet and it’s something you are actually doing so stop.


last time i tried to call gaen out she made a sideblog to post on my tag and reply to my posts and sent her friends to attack my friends and myself and anyone who supported me, but i’m so sick of abusers silencing their victims. i’m sick and tired of abuse apologists trying to justify abuse when there’s clear and concise evidence against the abuser.

i’m still hurt and i’m still deeply affected from the abuse and i’m going to fucking talk and vent and cry and do whatever the fuck i have to do to get better and nobodys going to stop me this time.

Honestly? You make multiple outing posts with insufficient evidence that you’ve taken completely out of context and receive an overwhelming amount of support from all of your incompetent homestuck followers who only care about jumping on the bandwagon of any sjw that presents themselves. If you honestly think you or your friends have been attacked then you need to go the fuck outside and witness the real fucking suffering going on in the world around you. I’m not just talking about physical abuse. Abuse isn’t limited to the physical dimension as you clearly know, but what you don’t know is that emotional abuse isn’t asking for nudes or persuading someone to kiss or planning sex over the internet. It’s much more serious than that and you’re making a joke out of the serious distress victims of actual emotional abuse go through. You haven’t been abused by Gaen. You’ve been manipulated by this goddamn website with the idea that anybody who makes you uncomfortable doesn’t deserve anything more than being labelled as an abuser and being hated by you and everybody else. Sure you can talk and vent and cry. That’s what most people do after a tough break up. But never before have I seen someone bitter enough to make their ex out to be fucking Public Enemy Number 1 on a social network. You aren’t being silenced, you’re being asked to chill out because your making a huge deal out of a personal problem and that is NOT the point of outing posts. Outing posts are made to protect the public from a dangerous person. Gaen is not a danger to anybody she interacts with over the internet unless they are as overly-sensitive and self-centered as you.

And if you attempt to destroy someone’s reputation you will experience retaliation. People will not sit back and let you make an innocent person out to be a criminal. If this is your way of venting and you seriously didn’t expect people to try to stop you then i really don’t know what to tell you.